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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Just a Living Legacy

Since there's not a whole lot happening on campus before the start of classes, and since I spent much of today at work and the remainder fighting with my computer, I must confess that I do not have a topic in mind for this evening. So in place of something someone might actually want to read, I think I will introduce myself a little. My favorite color is green and my favorite shape is the five-pointed star (though not the pentagram). My favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:26, and I can quote pretty much any part of Groundhog Day. I like vanilla ice cream and coffee and tea in really wide mugs. I buy more books than I can read and enjoy smelling them as much as reading the words on the page. I like birch trees and Yeats and IBC root beer in brown bottles. I'm addicted to Vickie's jalapeno potato chips and red Swedish fish. I want to own a store, write for a foreign publication, raise good kids, design my own house, and fall in love for all of eternity. I have faith in God and Jesus Christ and in real beauty, the kind that kills part of your heart every time it's broken. I'm a geek in every sense of the word -- less the horn-rimmed glasses. Although if I had glasses I think I would pick those. I like libraries and informational films and grammar. I once wrote a poem about having lunch with T.S. Eliot in Paris, and it's mostly poetry references and half in French. I'm taking Biblical Hebrew because I think it's fun. I am disgustingly/delightingly domestic. I knit and crochet and have recently learned how to make pottery -- though it's not one of my hidden talents by any means. My most recent obsession is cooking -- everything food and food preparation. I drool in kitchen stores and cute boutique stores with a vintage twist. I love New York and London and would die to wake up every morning and eat a croissant in the subway on my way to work. I'm studying journalism but have no plans for the immediate future. I dance and know how to twirl and toss a flag. I will spend money faster on books and concert tickets than anything else. I love tea and pride myself on knowing a little too much about it. I love a little more than I should, and my favorite kind of weather is when it rains. I like classic rock and new folk. I take other people's opinions too seriously too often, and every cool lifestyle I see I want to try. I have choices to make, but I have supportive people to make them with. And that has made all the difference.

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